Days of Rage, Nights of Wrath

by Convixion

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Second full lenght album released by Eat Metal Records


released April 27, 2016

Recorded, mixed, mastered and produced by Nick Papakostas at Entasis Studio in Athens, Greece.



all rights reserved


Convixion Greece

Convixion formed in 2007 in Athens, Greece and perform highly energetic and fast heavy metal ever since.

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Track Name: Fist of Agony
I've walked in shadow, I crawled in the abyss
Been to a thousand pits to find myself in peace
Lost all my dignity and threw myself in a place
Sin after sin would smash me in the face

And yet I scream but there is only silence
In this dark place alone without guidance
When all I see it is sickening lust
Emptiness, hollowness how long can I last

Through fear and despair, anxiety and terror
Victorious I will rise

On through the darkness I ride into battle
With strength and with courage I'm armed
Defiance, fire and steel
I'm ready for the kill

Fighting determined, full of strength, full of life
Against their madness my chaos unleashed
A fist of agony, disharmony and strife
Upon their face my blades I will guide

And through the screams I hear only silence
In this dark place alone without guidance
Still all I see it is sickening lust
Emptiness, hollowness I know I can't last

On through the darkness I ride into battle
With strength and with courage I'm armed
Mass desperation, heading to damnation
No enemy survive, against them I thrive
On through the chaos, disorder and turmoil
I vanquish their treacherous kind
Defiance, fire and steel
I'm ready for the kill
Track Name: E.A.D.
Fight if you want to survive
Don't fall apart like the system's decay
Tumbling on the edge of the world
So follow me off the edge
Feel no pain - feel the fire - bite the wire
Behind the mask lies a force in you
Ready to strike 'em down

March into the fire
Step by step they will be tossed away
Twisted minds intentions
Rage... Feed the rage
Grab your axe and bring them to their doom
They pray - You live - They die - thunder from the sky

In this forsaken land there is no place for disgrace
Only the dreams of death, death in an injustice race
Beyond the black wasteland the mother of all despair
Lies the truth you 're looking for
Ready for the crush - bite the dust

Exterminate. Annihilate. Destroy

No place to hide and none will survive
From the twisted mind
Shatter, erase, feed the rage

Merciless onslaught, ultra violence, carnival justice
Agony, anguish, torture, torment, the evolution of madness

The night is calling for blood
My screams sound the attack
Your bodies drag through the mud
There is no turning back
Track Name: In Days of Rage and Nights of Wrath
And mortal bites of steel
Gaining upon all those who dare
Dare to defy our truth
An infernal fire ablaze in the sky

Marching and shaking the earth
Tramping on lifeless bodies
Stepping on those who oppose

In days of Rage and nights of Wrath

Smashing the posers down
Standing our ground proudly with power and might
No god, no flag, no rule
We shall kneel to no one

In days of Rage and nights of Wrath

Metal attack
With force, with fire and might we fight back
Metal in our veins
Leather, spikes and iron chains
Days of Rage
Kicking our way from society's cage
Nights of Wrath
Showing the way for freedom's path
Track Name: Terrorise the Terrorists
With a flick of a knife
They will take out your life
Like with so many others
That were born beyond our borders

and so there will be

No tomorrow - Take no prisoners
No delay - No escaping
Show no mercy and
Terrorize the terrorists tonight

Then they merged with the state
To bring terror and hate
But we just stood and observed them
The time has come to stand and make them burn

and so they will know


Thrashing with menace in the black of the night
A violent assault of power and might
Our souls filled with anger from the torture and pain
Our dreams won't allow us to die in vein

Screams are breaking the silence
Spreading the chaos like plague in their hearts
Disturbed by the deeds of injustice
So nothing will stop us this time
Lucking of fear and forgiveness
So we will get rid of the slime
Track Name: Wings of Vengeance
Sonic vengeance breaks you down
Remorseless full of hate
Unable to defend yourself
It's already to late

No God, nor Devil left alive
Your prayers have been muffled
Screams of torment, gaze of rage
Humanity in mangled

They will strike you down
The fires of Death will burn you
Down to the ground

Left alone nowhere to turn
Breath of Fire you'll fuckin' burn
Evil host, control is lost
The path of hell has now been crossed

As the merciless black wings of vengeance embracing your soul
Into the dark piercing veil of the abyss you'll fall
No way to escape all the chances are lost
So I'm raising higher my desire your life evens the cost
Bleeding and screaming till there is no trace of your soul

Nothing alters what is done
They are out on the run
They will find you and make you pay
They will turn your life to grey
Track Name: From Within
For one more time I'm face to face with all my fears
I got to find the way and hold back my tears

Life's not easy, you struggle to survive
Life's not simple, no matter how you try
They kick, they beat you, they step upon your face
then disappear without trace

From this darkness I shall rise where I have been
Using the strength and power that comes from within
I had enough, no one will tell me what to do
I will kick my way out of this stagnant tomb

And I will not stop until I have my furious revenge
I will not rest, I'll do my best to slice them down
With my razor's edge

Life's so cruel, you struggle to survive
Life's so strict, no matter how you try
They kick, they beat you, they step upon your face
then disappear without trace

Finally the stars aligned with the moon
Gave me power from the cosmic dune
Justice from above or justice from below
Our paths crossed line up in death row

Pandemonium I'm ready to unleash
Inferno, misery in the black abyss
Fire and brimstone in the bottomless pit
Dashed, crashed by the demon's whip
Track Name: The Fall
Exiled. With stolen feet I walk
Shellshock. From this unbearable war
Barren tents in deserts lands are now my only refuge
Burning sand on desert land just before the deluge

The wall of fear has fallen
Cross and struggle against the tide
Through waves of condemnation
To the Fall of mankind

Son, take hold of my hand
Storm clouds are circling above us
We're on our own
Father, please hold me tight
All that we had forsaken by God
In this roaring night

Tremendous blast

Drifting and soaring in the sea of despair
All of our hopes and dreams vanish in thin air
Another wave will outbreak from the God of ocean
Faithful I must stay to show him my devotion
Track Name: Spiral into Oblivion
Smashed by the fate's revengeful grasp
Left in a corner, broken, crushed into dust
My ashes scattered to the four winds
A soul drifts in agony with demons and evil fiends

Trapped in a world of confusion and lies
Hallucinations, psychotic projections
Fire and ice my downward spiral to oblivion

No sense if this is real or the edge of a dream
Fantasy or reality is turning to grim
Seeing myself from above on the edge of a cliff
Trying to wake up but the dream is too deep

I know
I know I should had let myself go
But now
Captured and cursed to wander in this loneliness

Trapped in a world of confusion and lies
Trapped in a cosmos of fire and ice
Track Name: Freezing Breeze
Fire... and the edge of a knife
A fire burning bright on the end of my life
Earth... the smell of dust
The sands of time running low
Water... tears fall like rain
Washing away my sins
Wind... a freezing breeze
Whispering my last words

And as I lay here all alone
In depth of my despair
The hours of grief
A promise made to me
In these dark hours
To last forever....

Bodies and broken pieces of a life scattered
Everything that he loved was taken from him
The burden of his existence

A life's work erupts from his corrupted mind
His suffering becomes hatred. Years go by
Only wreckage left in his way
He realized he became the monster. He is the one who slaughters. And he must pay. Maybe he can change. Maybe he is not damaged beyond repair. Maybe he can make amends. Or maybe not...

Beneath the iron beats the heart of a man swimming in immeasurable grief